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Accelerated Innovation
Regardless of the industry, enabling transformational innovation — and its rapid execution — is a challenge. These efforts often required a dedicated team, but Endeavor has developed proven methodologies founded in years of technical product launch management and supply chain experience to facilitate exactly this kind of change. By providing an agile team with a unique skillset, Endeavor's supply chain consulting services are able to help you bring innovative new products to life, from testing and pilots to scalable execution.
Key Competencies

Accelerated Innovation

  • Accelerated Innovation Strategy Framework, a toolset based on the Strategyzer Platform

  • Innovation Springs — Rapid Business Model Design

  • Disruptive Models

  • Digital Transformation

  • Rapid Execution — Market Launch, Test, and Scale

  • End-to-end supply chain and technology management

  • Product development and commercialization

Special Programs

  • To Be or Not To Be — Intrapreneurship or
    Venture Investing

  • Accelerate — Be Your Own Corporate Advisor

  • Corporate Hackathons

  • Outside-in Challenges

  • Corporate Innovation Days


Training Programs

  • Design Thinking

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Rapid Execution — Lean Startup and Bootstrapping

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Pitching and Selling Internally

Talent Development Programs

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Bootcamps

  • Leadership Programs

  • Management Programs

  • Young Graduate Programs

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"Our R&D teams are diverse, both in terms of their
expertise as well as their approach to opportunities.
Endeavor has worked with multiple groups to provide not
only individualized programs but improve the overall
consistency of our discovery operational model."

— Chief Research OFC, Fortune 50 Life Science Company

Case Studies