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Case Study:
Business Processes:
Project Manager


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A major pharmaceutical client was dealing with an extremely complex manufacturing supply chain network. They needed to optimize and improve their internal network in order to prepare for a major joint venture.


As part of the merger, they also needed to look ahead to their future combined network and create an optimal supply chain in preparation. As a multi-phase, multi-year program, the overall approach consisted of three major phases: develop regional strategies, validate them, and implement the approved ones.


Endeavor was brought in to help the client define the strategy of the multi-phase piece of the project. Additionally, we were able to provide a Project Manager to examine the situation across the board. Our PM gave an in-depth analysis of the conversion and provided a an analysis on which data to support. All of this was completed on time, and on budget.


Endeavor provided a unique skill set, whereby we were able to tie together the strategy and PM portions of the project. The client was able to benefit from Endeavor’s ability to get rich and full answers to the issues at hand with the creation of a robust network strategy. This strategy decreased cost of manufacturing, appropriately addressed risk, reduced headcount, and optimized new product launches.

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