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Endeavor Consulting Group provides a playbook of tools and templates that help facilitate your change management journey. Change is the only constant, and out change management activities will help your organization excel in speed of adoption, utilization, proficiency, and ultimately, ROI. 

Initial Assessment Deep Dive

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Initiative Overview Meeting

Gather the necessary background information, milestones, and timeline for the initiative.

Conduct Initial Assessments

Execute a project health assessment evaluating the critical components needed for successful change.

Analyze and Summarize

Compile a report showcasing the risk of the initiative and rate your organizational readiness.

Prepare Statement of Work

Provide our statement of work based off the results of our key findings and align on next steps.

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"A structured change management approach is the greatest contributor to success, ranking only behind active and visible executive sponsorship."

— Prosci Methodology, 2020

Of projects effectively applying Change Management...


met or exceeded project objectives


were at or under budget



were on or ahead of schedule


Colleagues at Work



  1. Project Health Assessment

  2. Primary Sponsor and Coalition Alignment

  3. Organizational Readiness and Risk Analysis

  4. Identify and Assess Impacted Groups

  5. Change Impact Assessment and Analysis

  6. Communication Strategy and Plans

  7. Manage Training Strategy

  8. Deployment Strategy and Sustainability Plan

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Why Change Management?
Aligns with Project Management to improve results and outcomes of a project by:
  • Meeting objectives

  • Staying on budget

  • Staying on schedule

Outlines what is changing and why

Identifies impacted groups and how jobs will be done differently

Identifies and helps address areas of resistance

Outlines what is needed to help support adoption and usage

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Our High Level Change Management Approach

Adopt the business definition methodology


Work in conjunction with the project team to facilitate the change


Utilize Prosci methodology to develop and execute Change Management practices

Change Management Opportunities


New projects - Align with the Endeavor project team to provide change for new opportunities


Current projects – Provide change support for a client’s current project

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Our Philosophy

& Approach


Organizational changes are often a challenging journey.  There are numerous factors that dictate the direction (vision, strategy, planning, etc.) but the most important factors for a successful change journey are the people.

Endeavor believes that change should happen WITH your people, not TO them.  We rely on our 30 plus years of change experience and utilization of the ADKAR methodology to help navigate your change journey.  Our approach focuses on the human factors that must be in place to change behaviors, workplace culture and to support the transformation you’re seeking.

Endeavor utilizes the ADKAR methodology and follows a three-step process:

  1. Preparation Phase – helps us learn what your success needs to look like before we prepare a plan to address your change needs

  2. Execute Phase – Change Management, Communication Plans and ADKAR are used to prepare and equip your people for the change

  3. Sustain Phase – evaluates change performance, determines what initiatives remain, what additional change activities are needed to make the changes stick and help transition ownership to the business


Endeavor’s people focused approach will help your employees successfully navigate the change, resulting in an increased speed of adoption, utilization, proficiency and help achieve your ROI goals

Business Presentation


Define Success

Identify Groups & Impacts

Define Approach

Sales Representative


Develop and Activate

Monitor Performance


Business Meeting


Review Performance

Begin Sustainment

Business Ownership

Endeavor Change Management:

Address Human Factors to Achieve ROI

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Speed of Adoption

How quickly are people up and running on the new systems, processes and job roles?

Ultimate Utilization

How many employees (of the total population) are demonstrating "buy-in" and are using the new solution?


How well are individuals performing compared to the level expected in the design of the change?

ONE Endeavor Solutions Breakdown

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