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The impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has projected onto businesses have been tremendous. Businesses across the globe have had to pivot their strategies, in more ways than one, to continue revenue generation.

As traumatic as this past year and a half has been, there have been so many innovative techniques that have come out of it as well. As industry leaders, it's important to get ahead of the curve and adopt the best practices needed to optimize your flow and production. 

Industry leaders are now re-evaluating their supply chain practices and asking themselves how to best manage the structure of their supplier networks to improve their end-to-end visibility while also ensuring operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

Here are some ways we can ensure to our clients that we are following COVID-19 best practices and prepare them for success during these unprecedented times:


Employee / New Hire Policies

We at Endeavor Consulting Group require all employees to be fully vaccinated to be on client or company grounds.


Limited exceptions are acceptable if and only if the resources are going to be 100% remote.

Preparing Clients for Success

Assist in establishing and implementing the necessary automated and optimized process to allow client employees to perform their required responsibilities no matter their work location.


Help clients facilitate highly proficient and virtual workshops and other collaborative efforts to achieve the efficiency in the digital professional space we previously had in face-to-face interactions.

Develop roadmaps and strategies to help build a more resilient supply chain while also preparing for pre and post-launch success.


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