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End-to-End Packaging Services

Endeavor Consulting Group’s company culture is built on providing simple solutions to complex problems.


This belief holds especially true in the services we provide around Packaging and commercialization. Endeavor’s full service approach will address each stage of your e-commerce journey from initial market analysis, through design, prototyping and testing and finally through fulfillment to your consumers hands.


Our process can be utilized with newly developed products or an existing portfolio while allowing our customer to leverage their existing supply chain with minimal amounts of adaptation. This approach ensures that the retailer and end consumer’s needs are addressed by providing products that arrive undamaged while ensuring the proper customer experience. Allow us to partner with you in this ever changing retail landscape, and provide both the retailer and consumer the product and service they expect and deserve.

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Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis & Customer Requirements

At Endeavor, we analyze your customer’s data to provide insight. With this, we develop opportunities from your existing portfolio and existing relationships. Our skilled team provides marketing and technology expertise to expand beyond brick-and-mortar and drive direct online sales. 

Package Design Solutions

Package Design Solutions

At Endeavor packaging design emphasizes meeting the customer and consumer needs while providing the expected user experience. Focusing on innovative designs and materials to protect the product content in an environmentally sustainable fashion while minimizing our packaging and costs.

Our solution includes:

  • Late-stage customization/personalization

  • Structural and Graphic Design capabilities for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

  • Drive consistent brand experience from brick and mortar to online.



From concept to drawing to rapid prototype and finally to finished photo ready models, Endeavor can provide all of your prototyping needs. We will partner with you in the process of driving from “What can it be “ to final concept that will bring your packaging to life.

Services that we offer include:

  • Conceptual renderings to explore the “what ifs” across an array of concepts.

  • 3D CAD modelling

  • Rapid 3D Prototype modeling including Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

  • Digital print technologies

  • Photo ready models 

ISTA Testing

ISTA Certified e-Commerce Testing

Endeavor offers International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing. Endeavor will provide certified ISTA testing including the 6 Series Amazon tests. Our customers find benefit in ISTA testing because it ensures that your packaging and product is protected against the rigors of e-Commerce channel distribution. Testing enables designs are also optimized for cost, speed to market and environmental sustainability.

There are a number of common ISTA testing standards that can be used as a preliminary verification method in packaging development.

  • ISTA 1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

  • ISTA 2 Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests

  • ISTA 3 Series: General Simulation Performance Tests

  • ISTA 6 Series: Member Performance Tests

  • ISTA 7 Series: Development Tests

Fullfillment Requrements

Fulfillment Requirements & Capabilities

Endeavor will determine your fulfillment needs and provide a the various supply chain solutions to simplify your e-Commerce needs. Our flexible supply chain solutions will be able to adapt to ever changing consumer, retailer and brand needs.

Whether your sales include wholesalers, third party retailers, or direct-to-consumer requirements, Endeavor will provide the solutions to meet them. We can provide scalable supply chain solutions that include new product offerings to bundling existing products to customer required offerings. All with cost optimization and consumer experience at the forefront of each solution.

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