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Case Study:
Growth Process Improvement


A fresh food production company noticed that their infrastructure was unable to keep pace with customer demand, and decided to initiate a supply chain improvement program.


As a complicating factor, the client was expecting demand to increase by 2.5 over the next four years — however, they had little to no demand data visibility, enterprise standard process, or supporting technology. This was already causing significant customer disruption, and forced working capital to rise as employees were added to keep pace.


The client’s mature workforce struggled to adapt to new processes and technology, and there wasn’t a good opportunity to attract talent to the region. The client realized that their mentality would have to change to meet the challenges of the market and new digital technology within their workforce, in order to allow for rapid growth.


The client was well-positioned in a predominant commodity industry with a specialized product, quality executive team, and an SAP ERP platform.


Endeavor focused on a solution that supported growth through redesigning the client’s enterprise supply chain. This new process was focused on the long-term outcomes of rapid acquisition and collaboration between customers and vendors.


Additionally, Endeavor simplified the use of technology, by designing clear, intuitive applications for the client workforce rather than a clunky, ERP front-end.


Ultimately, Endeavor’s work saw seventeen self-funded initiatives planned over a 12-month period, each lasting 12 weeks. All of these were strategically planned to compliment the client’s next initiative, with each displaying clear benefits through support funding for the next consecutive program.


Through a targeted and streamlined redesign, Endeavor was able to help the client realize more efficient and productive supply chain processes.

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