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Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
Navigating the world of new product launch and supply chain management is no small task. At Endeavor Consulting Group, we provide clarity, guidance, and expertise at every stage of the supply chain pipeline to optimize your existing operations and prepare your business for continued and streamlined success.

Endeavor Consulting Group has combined 110 years of experience between its partners in all functional areas of the Life Sciences sector and beyond including supply chain, product launch, commercialization, quality assurance, ERP, e-commerce, packaging, tech transfer, regulatory, PMO, strategy, rapid response, external manufacturing, and more. Our clients range in industry from Pharma, Med Device, Cosmetics, Personal Care, OTC, Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements, Food, Government, and others.

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Our Process
Every client engagement begins with our detailed process of assessment, strategy, and then execution. Our team of SMEs is with you every step of the way towards launch, or in any capacity best fit for your operations. ECG’s End-to-End solution incorporates our full range of expertise and is designed to efficiently service every aspect of the commercialization process.  

New Business Model


Thanks to Endeavor, the company was able to launch three key pilot sites in three major metropolitan cities in the U.S. in12 weeks. 

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Global SAP Enterprise 


Endeavor drove, executed, and delivered the assessment and implementations on-the-ground in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America.

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EMS Strategy


With Endeavor’s help, overall production capabilities within existing plants improved substantially — in large part due to improved IT system support. 


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Consumer Product Testing


By providing a team of experts who had deep familiarity with new product launches, re-siting of product manufacturing sites, compliance, and design control, Endeavor was able to rapidly accelerate the project.

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Why Endeavor Consulting Group?
Endeavor Consulting Group is a leader in logistics and supply chain management with a vast landscape of dedicated partners, worldwide strategic sourcing, and unparalleled scientific alliances. ECG’s flexibility and adaptability allows us to meet your requirements for any product format or configuration, IT requirements, or ERP operations. Our nimble business systems and extensive experience allow us to expertly handle all of your unique specifications and accelerate your business model toward operational excellence.
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Contact Us
As trusted partners to industry-leading clients, we know how critical it is to seamlessly and efficiently remove barriers so you can accelerate your product to market without sacrificing quality. Contact us to start your journey toward product commercialization today. With ECG, you’ll never be alone in your journey to pioneer your product from concept to commercialization.
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