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Case Study:
Large Pharmaceutical Automated Internal Tolling

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A pharmaceutical company had significant challenges around internal tolling — one or more enterprise subsidiaries were subcontracting with each other, to manage profit using “tax-advantaged” jurisdictions. While the drivers were clear, the mechanics were not, thanks to the divergent physical and financial process flows. Furthermore, virtual transactions needed to be coordinated between a large number of global users. The company needed a seasoned architect, in order to circumvent the challenges of driving such a process.


Endeavor provided an architect that was not only intimately familiar with SAP and APO abilities, but was able to take into account potentially conflicting requirements from organizational, system, process, legal, supply chain, and data perspectives. The Endeavor architect first conducted a series of global workshops with SMEs, gained approval from corporate legal, and conceptualized an initial, holistic design.


After this, they built, tested, and deployed the new design, which featured significant automation and process guidance, training users across the globe to use it. Additionally, the architect worked with SAP AG to incorporate the required customizations, so that any companies using SAP could subsequently take advantage of of this new global, internal, automated SAP tolling process.


Tolling in SAP — using a controlled method, in which the supply chain is connected and execution is automated and accountable — supports a process that drives billions of dollars in savings and profit management. This process has become the backbone of many large, pharmaceutical supply chains; however, pulling it off requires robust systems and process solutions that drive the core business requirements.


The initiative and resulting solution were extremely successful because they drove a process that others had previously thought impossible. The success of these efforts was driven through innovative thinking and Endeavor’s intimate expertise in how far the SAP ECC package could be pushed in order to support a comprehensive tolling solution.

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