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Case Study:
New Product: Custom Product Delivery

Production Line.jpg

A consumer product company was preparing the launch of a new line of shampoo products that required entirely new custom bottles to be developed and manufactured.


In order to do this, a new bottle mold needed to be developed, tested, and validated prior to production and launch. The client knew it would need to assemble a team to oversee the entire process, and began assigning key members from their packaging engineering, procurement, and quality and design departments.


Endeavor’s services were retained to manage this team in collaboration with the client and the external bottle supplier. This cross-functional group was responsible for the creation, purchase, and delivery of custom bottles to be used in the launch of the client’s new shampoo hair care line.


As initial launch volumes were required in excess of 1,000,000, it was key that the entire team understood the importance of meeting the launch commitment and keeping a strong focus on the goal. Endeavor assisted in the development of mold manufacture, testing, and qualification, along with helping to understand the lead time necessary for the required volume.


By combining our strong project management methodology, employee experience, and our ability to collaborate between the various stakeholders and suppliers, the client’s new shampoo launch was fruitful. Furthermore, the new bottle design helped in the acquisition of expanded sales — their target volume was achieved, and the product demonstrated strong success in this highly competitive marketplace.

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