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Case Study:
Pharmaceutical "Tolled"

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A major pharmaceutical client was moving towards significant internal tolled manufacturing processing, in order to generate tax savings. However, they had limited process plans or technical designs to support this shift.


The “tolling” process — which is essentially subcontracting between two legal entities within the same enterprise — had requirements in many functional areas. These included planning, quality, logistics, purchasing, manufacturing execution, and finance. The client required guidance for the tolling business process, as well as a viable technical design to support processes in SAP APO and ECC.


Endeavor came to this problem with extensive expertise in supply chain planning and execution, as well as familiarity with previous clients in similar situations looking for a full end-to-end solution.


Our team drove and developed the technical solution in SAP APO and ECC, associated business processes, training documentation, implementation, and change management activities including role and security definition and cutover plans.


As a result of Endeavor’s work, the client was able to create a streamlined global tolling solution, which greatly improved their efficiencies and performance. Additionally, the client was provided with documentation and deliverables that enabled them to expand and support this solution. Currently, Endeavor’s solution is being expanded to any applicable areas within the client’s global supply chain.

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