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Change Saturation: Fact or Fiction?

Change Saturation occurs when there is so much change within an organization that it negatively impacts individuals, project outcomes, and the organization.   

According to Prosci, one of the world’s leading change management training, certification, and research organizations, change saturation is indeed a fact! 

Prosci’s latest research reveals that nearly 75% of companies are near or past their change saturation point!  These percentages have been increasing since 2000 and in many organizations, have reached a pandemic level. 


The bottom line is that employees are struggling to keep up and often feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the turbulent waters of change. 

At Endeavor, we recognize these struggles and help our clients navigate their change journeys with a hands-on approach customized to fit the unique needs of each organization.  We have nearly 30 years of change management experience with clients from biotechnology, biomanufacturing and consumer goods industries, helping to prepare them for numerous changes, including SAP launches, upgrades, new manufacturing lines, new quality systems, and more!  

Our vast experience, along with our Change Management Playbook and tools (including Prosci certification), will help you avoid change saturation as your teams and organization successfully navigate each change initiative successfully.   

To learn how we can help you, please visit our website at and


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