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ECG/iSSi - Virtual Factory Platform Demo Video and Survey

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

We are using the video below and a survey to collect initial reactions to to the experience of our Virtual Factory, a digital technology modeling platform.

Our platform works in real time with live systems connected into our virtual reality (VR) environment. With this technology we can quickly model thousands of manufacturing line configurations and end-to-end supply chain scenarios. The interconnected virtual reality platform includes S/4 HANA, ECC, and a multitude of advanced capabilities like AI, Hyper Ledger Fabric Blockchain, and IoT sensors that quickly helps our clients and partners explore and iterate on real use cases.

This short video example shows an SAP ECC production process order being executed across three manufacturing operations each with an IoT Sensor on the equipment that writes to the "Blackboard" located in virtual reality (VR) so the user can see the capability of the IoT sensor. 

The plain block images reminiscent of Minecraft and for those of us from the early days of MTV - Max Headroom comes to mind. This imagery is an important part of the concept as we want to draw focus to the content of what is being presented and less on quality of production.    

Please watch the video below and then complete the short survey regarding the concept presented.

The survey can be found here: (It's not creepy and does not ask for any identifying information.)

If you are using a mobile device and you got here through LinkedIN please copy the link below and paste into your mobile device browser. Otherwise just click and you are good to go.

Thanks for helping us out and we look forward to your feedback

Ben, Chris, and Thomas




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