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Lititz Kenvue Packaging Line

Endeavor Consulting Group was honored to have the opportunity to work with and provide Change Management support for the installation of a new Listerine packaging line at the Lititz Kenvue site.


As with any change, the impacts were more than just a new packaging line or the utilization of a new system.  There were group impacts to process, system, tools  as well as changes in critical behaviors, mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition to maximize usage and adoption at Go-Live.


In today's change-saturated business environment, it is critical that you are prepared when changes become a reality.  If your people are not prepared, customer service will suffer and as a result, so will your bottom line.

At Endeavor, our change management team can help prepare you for the change AND train your team to help address and manage future changes.  To learn how Endeavor can help you navigate the turbulent change saturation waters, visit our website at or contact me at


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