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Case Study:
Product Reformulation

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A client was experiencing strong consumer pressure to produce more natural products, having received complaints and requests to remove preservatives and some fragrances from their items. The products included OTC, class II medical devices, and combination medical devices with solutions. Ultimately, the client needed to make 12 different reformulations, which would impact a total of 36 SKUs.


Implementing this overhaul required developing new formulas, aligning with regulatory standards, and coordinating with packaging labels, line trials, and stabilities. Also, they would need to interact with internal and external manufacturing for line trials. As a further layer of complexity, the project was slated to be managed through the client change control process, which involves cross-functional teamwork.


Endeavor provided experienced Project Management to support all of the client’s tasks and activities, as well as provide clear, actionable timelines and budget reviews to client leadership.


Additionally, the Endeavor Project Managers were careful to build strong relationships and maintain good interactions with all of the internal and external core team members of the project.


By providing strong expertise in new product launches, compliance, and change control, the Endeavor team was able to accelerate the project’s learning curve and drive rapid project deployment — all while adhering to the client’s internal business processes. Ultimately, the project was delivered on time and on budget.


The team of Project Managers created major value throughout this project, which was at a $1,000,000,000 cost scale, including:

  • Creating and distributing a process improvement graphic to reduce approval time

  • Providing years of industry experience and strong management skills

  • Keeping an eye on all phases of project development through strong internal and external networks

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