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Pragmatic Compliance

Our specialized experts are here to help your organization adapt to those changes by supplementing your team and supporting your business in order to achieve better compliance at reduced costs.

Quality and Compliance

With years of industry experience, the team at Endeavor is able to bring a broad and unique set of capabilities to bear in working with Life Sciences companies improve the quality and compliance of their business operations.

Our Quality and Compliance Services

  • Applying Lean & Six Sigma to build compliance into your processes.

  • Reducing the number of SOPs to increase clarity and reduce the burden of training and maintenance.

  • Deploying quality IT systems, from design to configuration, integration to validation.

  • Assessment and improvement of your company’s quality management systems and ability to adapt to change over periods of growth.

  • Inspection readiness training, to prepare companies to avoid, address, and respond to inspection observations.

Why do Quality Organizations Need to Change?

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Our Quality and Compliance Capabilities

  • Our auditors assist in supplier and internal audits and provide support on resolving any uncovered issues.

  • For computer systems validation, we support all SDLC components and are fluent in both waterfall and agile methodologies.

  • Both GCP and GMP quality team to support clinical & commercial compliance.

  • Our GCP compliance team supports quality functions for clinical studies.

  • We can provide consultants to help conduct thorough investigations to prevent CAPA, NCR, deviations, and change control issues.

Endeavor Consulting Group

At Endeavor, we’re driven to find simple solutions to complex issues. If you’ve got a problem, we’re here to help.


We specialize in project management, technology, and integration consulting services, providing a wide range of IT and business consulting on an international scale.

Our Services Include:
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