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Case Study:
Quality Control: Analytical Scientists


A consumer client needed to perform stability testing for several of their products (impacted by packaging changes), including cosmetics, OTC, and combo items. Additionally, the client needed to perform method validation for change control and product release launches.


It was a requirement of the project that every product undergo stability testing studies to ensure each the new packaging maintained stability. Likewise, it was necessary to prepare protocols, perform lab testing, and make a report on method validation studies for GCC and APR launches.


Endeavor provided an experienced team of Scientists to support all of the client’s lab testing efforts, as well as to prepare lab documents and provide accurate timelines.


Furthermore, the Endeavor resident experts maintained a strong relationship with all of the core team members working on the project, ensuring a holistic and efficient process.


The expertise our Scientists provided expedited the entire project, resulting in major savings for the client. Beyond the financial gain, the same expertise helped to reduce the complexity of the project by improving and simplifying the testing methods.  


Our team handled the majority of the lab testing with great efficiency, and without the need to repeat any tests. Stability was ultimately maintained, and this complex analytical project was completed on time and without delays.

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