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Case Study:
Shop Floor Integration: Intelligence
and Process Automation


A major pharmaceutical manufacturer was implementing a Lean program in order to institutionalize Lean supply chain and plant performance metrics. They already had a number of performance metrics systems and manual processes in place, and the labor required to ensure consistent KPI definitions and calculations necessitated either increasing the workload or bringing on additional staff.


The client created a project team made up of key personnel from manufacturing, supply chain, packaging, QA, and plant leadership. They had the necessary staff, but lacked the skills needed to carry out the project within the delineated timeframe.


Endeavor was retained to rapidly deploy SAP’s MII tool to help reduce the labor effort needed to calculate the supply chain and plant performance metrics.   


Endeavor’s approach was to leverage all of the work of their existing Lean program (definitions and business processes for calculating KPIs)  and implement SAP’s MII to produce management and supervisory KPI Dashboards. Our team provided the project management and technical staff to integrate data sources from ERP, shop floor, OEE, and QA systems.


Endeavor cross-trained the client’s technical staff in SAP MII, enabling them to be self-sufficient in the future. Endeavor also designed and implemented solutions that could be leveraged by the client’s other facilities and departments. By developing the right program approach, Endeavor ensured the business and integration benefits were realized. The client was able to roll out a system that required minimal labor to maintain, and produced real-time KPI dashboards on demand.

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