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   Our Company
    Our Culture
    Our Alliance
   SAP and S/4
    Supply Chain Solutions
    Accelerated Innovation
    Business Integration
    Enterprise Manufacturing Systems
Case Studies

SAP and S/4

    Warehouse Management Fiori Project
    Pharmaceutical PI Sheet Shop Floor Execution
    Large Pharmaceutical Automated Internal Tolling
    Global Template for S95 ERP-MES Integration
    Global SAP Enterprise Transformation
    Biologics SCOR Model Assessment & Digital Transformation
    SAP Electronic Batch Record System (MES)
    Stabilization and Process Optimization
    Growth Process Improvement

Supply Chain Solutions

   Global Temperature Control Harmonization

   Consumer Product Testing

   Quality Control: Analytical Scientists

   Product Reformulation

   Consumer Product: Component Artwork Redress

   Product Performance Repository

   New Product: Custom Bottle Delivery

   Product Compliance: Business Analyst

   Strategic Sourcing: Project Manager

   Technical Transfer: Chemical Engineering

   Business Processes: Project Manager

   Distribution Center Program Management

Accelerated Innovation

    New Business Model

Business Integration

    SAP and Shop Floor Solutions

    Roadmap for Streamlining 7 ERP Solutions

    Reverse Enterprise ERP Integration

Enterprise Manufacturing Systems

    EMS Strategy

    Global Batch Record Harmonization

    ERP & MES Boundary Analysis

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Implementation

    Pharmaceutical “Tolled” Manufacturing

    Shop Floor Business Intelligence Automation

    Electronic Batch Record Design

    Medical Device Manufacturing Execution Systems

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