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Case Study:
Strategic Sourcing:
Project Manager


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A pharmaceutical client in the midst of performing a merger and acquisition entered into an exclusive global corporate supply agreement with a major supplier. The agreement guaranteed huge savings over a five year contract, and the supplier offered services and products throughout the entire global supply chain of the client.


This global cost improvement meant that multiple customer facilities in NA and EAME needed to transition to the new supplier as soon as possible, in order to maximize the savings opportunity. In order to realize this transition, a large study was performed to identify all of the products and services compatible with the new supplier’s portfolio.


With Endeavor’s deep experience in vendor and supply integrations, the client retained our services to assist in the study.


During this initiative, Endeavor provided Technical Engineers and Strategic Sourcing Project Managers to lead the compatibility assessment, as well as develop an integration plan specific to each site.


Endeavor also coordinated all of the activities and testing beforehand, to expedite the transition to the new supplier. In pursuit of efficiency, our team also coordinated transition plans, gathered data to track transition spending, and reported the progress of key activities to strategic sourcing management.


Endeavor was integral to the success of this multiple million dollar cost improvement initiative. Our strong expertise and project management execution skills enabled this client to realize savings far ahead of plan.  

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