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Lab Worker

Case Study:
Technical Transfer:
Chemical Engineering


A consumer product company identified a large cost improvement opportunity, which lay in migrating completely out of their current packaging component supplier into two new packaging component suppliers. With a far greater range of products, this initiative represented a multiple million dollar saving opportunity to this company.


The client devised a two year plan to initiate the migration process. They required that every product undergo R&D stability testing studies, to ensure that each product retained stability with its new packaging. This program involved a large amount of product as well as a diverse group of product families, and required that particular attention be paid to details in order to minimize the cost of the site transfer.


Endeavor provided the client with a Chemical Engineering Specialist. This Specialist assisted with the change control process,
which included:

  • Formula analysis

  • Formula classification and grouping

  • Development plan generation and plant input

  • Initiating a batch request form

  • Bulk split protocols

  • Reviewing historical stability reports

  • Providing technical transfer input to the project management team for execution.


By providing an experienced Process Chemical Engineer and taking advantage of our collaborative team environment, Endeavor was able to help the client simplify the program.


Endeavor stratified the various formulas into sizable subgroups, which helped deliver multiple Global Change Controls procedures on time — and more than that, with the right technical expertise to support the client with this large cost saving program.

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