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Case Study:
Consumer Product: Component Artwork Redress

Production Line.jpg

Due to an import problem with U.S. Customs, a major consumer products manufacturer was faced with an urgent problem: immediately remediate its artwork, or risk a production standstill of a $120,000,000 line.


Proper management of negotiation, purchases, and delivery of the components to manufacturing and packaging sites was critical to reducing over-labeling efforts and minimizing impact to the current production schedule.


The client needed a Project Manager to lead a governance team of key personnel. The team would be made up of members from the client’s third party manufacturing operations, as well as their own procurement, packaging engineering, and quality assurance teams.


Endeavor was retained to quickly pull this team together and install a Project Manager at the head who would proceed with a risk management approach. The goal was to develop an integrated program plan, implement it within the critical timeline, and meet all quality objectives.


Endeavor used a bottom-up approach in developing the master plan, ensuring team buy-in with the results. Endeavor also created an comprehensive project status report process to ensure consistency, predictability, and improve risk management.


Thanks to Endeavor’s involvement and the implementation of our Project Management Team and Lead, a plan was put into place which ensured high priority business needs were realized, and further disruption to the supply chain was avoided. With our help the client was able to identify key critical program risks and develop contingency plans before any impact to the timeline was realized.

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