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Case Study:
EMS Strategy

Warehouse Workers

A major device manufacturer was experiencing numerous operational issues: compliance risks, low production yields, inconsistent product supply, and missed customer service targets. Recent experiences with automated EBR had been only partially successful and based on past performance the cost of full deployment was untenable.


The client devised a two-part strategy to develop improved efficiencies within their five current global facilities and to invest in the new construction of facilities in tax friendly locations. A governance team, project team, and risk management approach were put in place.


Endeavor was retained to provide a series of strategic assessments and recommendations. The initial deliverable was to provide a mapping of capabilities required to implement certain technology solutions and to prioritize a roadmap of near and long-term deployments.


Included in the recommendations was an innovative deployment strategy, which would reduce overall costs by 60% and reduce the deployment time from years to months. Endeavor was responsible for the full IT strategy for this “factory of the future.”


With Endeavor’s help, overall production capabilities within existing plants improved substantially — in large part due to improved IT system support. The client’s recent FDA audits reported major improvements in compliance adherence, and customer service levels have consistently been met for last 12 months. The deployment of new systems are meeting all financial goals and timelines, and the “factory of the future” is on track. Endeavor’s IT systems strategy has been instrumental in creating competitive advantage capabilities for the client.

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