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Case Study:
New Business Model


A large scale food service provider was experiencing complaints from key clients — they were demanding more innovation in the employee experience, specifically in respect to food and food service. The company lost their largest West Coast business dining account to a competitor with a marginally better offer, and were losing market share in key sectors to hyper-convenient food delivery aggregators with a wide selection.


The provider was closer to the consumer and had a robust existing infrastructure, but the current status quo, an outdated innovation process and labor model, and no consumer or backend tech made the path forward challenging.


Endeavor was contracted to help the company switch directions and rethink their existing business model. The solution Endeavor developed was to create stand-up data-driven food innovation based on direct consumer consumption, through an app-based mobile ordering platform. The new process was insanely convenient, with delivery near desk, and paperless, real-time back-of-house ordering, preparation, and delivery. The new process streamlined the company operations with simple new technology, and provided an innovative offer for consumption tied to ingredients.


Thanks to Endeavor, the company was able to launch three key pilot sites in three major metropolitan cities in the U.S. in12 weeks. Direct consumer feedback on the product and service within hours of operations was hugely positive. The new labor model deployed net neutral, and the food innovation and convenience saw an increase in revenue.

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